Living Happily Ever After in Palm Springs Movie

Living Happily Ever After in Palm Springs Movie

Living happily ever after in Palm Springs Movie. They say that a wedding is a celebration. Although for many it is a real nightmare – the organizers, those who pay for it, young people and even some guests will confirm this to you. And if some say stereotyped and moralizing toasts, while others just drink and try to get into the panties of the bridesmaids, then the share of the third has personal mental suffering, turning the bright holiday of family education into a tragedy with indelible shame. However, even if the guest is from the last category, then everything can turn out differently. For example, there will be a strange chain of events that will forever stop the calendar for November 9 and allow some wedding participants to abandon past experiences and start a new life, even within the framework of one endlessly repeating day.

Palm Springs is another version of the slightly hackneyed theme of the cyclical nature of one date. Fortunately, the version is not bad at all, and even in the classic movie genre of Groundhog Day – a romantic comedy about the tragedy of his own life. However, it is still worth comparing the cinema not with the basic foundations, but with the recent TV series “Matryoshka”. Here, events also revolve around the holiday, and at least two main characters find themselves in a time loop – Niles and Sarah, who will have to try to get out of it. Or not try …

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Looped Day

Here’s the deal. Imagine that outside of a looped day you have complete uncertainty in your life, if not a terrible mess. For example, you have to live with your unloved soul mate or look guiltily in the eyes of your sister, whom you have caused severe pain. Isn’t it easier then to stay in an eternal cycle, living there a full life without responsibility and worries, and even with someone who is sincerely sympathetic to you? That is, if in other similar films the characters have an incentive to break the loop; then in Palm Springs the prospect of returning to ordinary everyday life does not entice the characters so much.

Actually, Niles and Sarah during almost the entire timing do not experience any discomfort from what happens to them; and the viewer can only get high with them. It is easier for the main characters to live, knowing that tomorrow will not come; and death is a temporary thing and will leave with the next dawn. Regularly entertaining the viewer.

Archive Movie Review

Archive Movie Review

Archive Movie Review. We are responsible for those we created. One of the most important and favorite themes in world science fiction is the victory over death. And even if we dream of a utopia without pain, but with happiness and immortality, it usually turns out the other way around – some completely unpleasant dystopia, where a good idea turns out to be inoperative and cruelly defiled. Otherwise, there would be no good intrigue in history, right? The idea of ​​the plot of the movie “My Creator” is also by no means new.

Here is a car accident, here is the death of a young girl, and now her husband is trying to cheat death and return his beloved with the help of advanced technologies. Keanu Reeves did this in Reproductions a couple of years ago, and the plots of both films are extremely similar in nature. However, so that “My Creator” was not such a plagiarism, they added a little bit of other fiction and diversified it with completely different ideas.

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The Concept

So, you know the concept, let’s move on to the details. In the not too distant future, a scientist-engineer will use a classified object for his own illegal purposes. First, instead of making robots for the company that hired him, he makes them for himself. Secondly, it violates another law, hacking the server of the Archive – a unique system that allows you to preserve the mind and memories of dead people for two hundred hours.

It is in such an Archive that his deceased wife lives, and the engineer has less and less time to manage to cram the consciousness of his beloved into one of the robotic samples he created. By the way, about them. The first, Jay-1, comes out so-so: no hands, no voice, just a box with legs, whose mind development stopped in childhood. Jay-2 is much better, she has human hands, voice and teenage mindset. It’s a pity, outwardly it still looks like a toaster.

Most Important Drawback in Project Power Movie

Most Important Drawback in Project Power Movie

The first and most important drawback in Project Power Movie. is that there is no feeling that the threat to the heroes is really taking place. Without her, the atmosphere is bursting at the seams; and it becomes difficult to root for the heroes in any way. The key villains are caricatured, hysterical and pathetic, they are not even allowed to try superpowers. Secondary villains (minions and hucksters) are more interesting, and each has its own ability, which can be killed with one hit. But they do not give a real look at it. Fights here are short, no more than a couple of minutes, and one of the very important minions for the movie plot is killed at all faster than you can blink.


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The Second Problem

This brings us to the second problem – the setting. In “Brightness” the setting was shown in every frame; because of which the viewer had no doubt that even though the world was similar to ours, it was definitely different. In Project Power, where any junkie can become a Patriot; or Deadpool, there is only the beginnings of a new universe. The presence of the Force has not changed the world in any way. The viewer sees only about six transformations for the entire film; and even if the guy who changes the color is done and shown great; the rest end too quickly or are shown in the semi-darkness at all. Whether they exist or not, you won’t even remember them.

As a result, it turns out that the action is somehow not enough, and some kind of secondary drama; and the story is simple, like a five-kopeck coin lost at the bottom of your pocket. Is this really all that screenwriter Mattson Tomlin is capable of, according to the script of which the new “Batman” is being filmed? Well, then “Batman” is in serious trouble ahead of time.

Tenet Movie Commentary

Tenet Movie Commentary

Tenet Movie Commentary. Before filming, Nolan the perfectionist had polished his idea for six years (and invented – in general – twenty) and again consulted with Kip Thorne, the scientific consultant of Interstellar; on the set he did it for real, without a green screen, he even gouged a real plane – to perfectly show how conflicts in the present can give rise to conflicts in the future or with the future.

And now Nolan is trying to demonstrate the fruits of his labors as effectively and widely as possible; that is, to invite viewers from all over the world to cinemas; moreover, I wanted to conceptually time the premiere of Dovod to coincide with the tenth anniversary of the release of Nachalo, releasing a novelty in the middle of summer. And in the middle of a pandemic. That is, for the sake of a lesson about the future of all mankind, risk the future of each individual viewer. Such is the paradox.

By the way, about the Beginning. It has long been a theory that with the experiences of the Beginning and Argument unfold in the same universe. Why not They are like two parallel straight lines that could intersect under extraordinary circumstances.

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However, how much can you compare Nolan with Nolan For the sake of variety, let’s compare it with Denis Villeneuve and Ted Chan; and specifically – with the movie Arrival, which also knew a lot about manipulating time. The two films have in common both the anti-war message; and the humility of the heroes, in Argument expressed by the refrain what happened happened. But Arrival was fluid and feminine, while Argument was harsh and masculine. This is not about sexism, but about the gender of the main characters; and about their methods, even if such a division is sinning with gender stereotypes. So, Dovod is full of strong women – both in the special forces, and in the underworld, and everywhere else. Another thing is that one heroine of Arrival is written out more subtly; and more authentically than the crowd of heroines of Argument.

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Tenet Movie Review

Tenet Movie Review

Tenet Movie Review. The most interesting thing about Andrei is his surname. It is taken from the ancient Roman palindrome-square “SATOR AREPO TENET OPERA ROTAS”, in which two words “TENET” form an even cross. Has a whiff of Christianity, isn’t it It is no wonder that later this gibberish was used as a talisman. To further hint at his source of inspiration, Nolan sent the characters not only to the opera, but to Italy – after all, the earliest recordings of this palindrome were found there, on the ruins of Pompeii. However, the filming was carried out in many more places in India, Estonia, Denmark, Norway, Great Britain, the USA. The film takes a long journey, and the audience goes along with it.

The rest of the characters, like Andrei, are primarily functions, and then personalities. For example, Michael Caine again plays a wise advisor, and a scientist performed by Clemence Poesy hammers into the head of the Protagonist (and the audience at the same time) the key rule “Don’t try to understand. Feel. Could add right away “Still not clear Reconsider. But this is where the hassle arises you want to revise Inception and Interstellar, but Argument – not yet. It’s a concept movie that tries to be smart and dynamic at the same time, but it draws on science and even speed (two and a half hours of timing with regular action – no joke!).

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Replays here on many levels in Interstellar; Kane’s character liked to quote Dylan Thomas’s poem Don’t Go Meekly Into the Twilight of Eternal Darkness … ; the twilight theme is picked up by the parallel between the sunset and the sunset of life. And the character of Robert Pattinson is not picked up Pattinson shines here without any sparkles; and clearly shows that it is not in vain that he has been honing his skills in the arthouse for so many years. At the same time, he was generously showered with mystery. As a result, the partner character turns out to be almost brighter than the main character.

There are parallels between the characters – but these are not repetitions, but reflections. The most indicative are Andrei and Neil, so opposite that they are even similar. And they slightly resemble a certain K. Nolan – not without reason there is an opinion that the creator is somehow reflected in his creations. Skill, humanism, gigantomania, passion for physics, obsession with an idea – this can be said about them (not always about both), and about him.

Plot of Mulan Movie

Plot of Mulan Movie

Plot of Mulan Movie. The canon romantic line slightly shredded. To begin with, “cutting” the animation captain Li Sang into the commander Tang and fellow serviceman Chen Honghui. Commander Tang is a servant to the emperor, a father to the soldiers and in general a family man, in addition, a friend of Mulan’s father, so he immediately drops out of love interests (which is a pity: the commander played by Donnie Yen is more charismatic than his colleague played by Yoson An). With Chen Honghui, Mulan goes from dislike to sympathy, chaste and deliberately secondary. Indeed, first of all, Mulan is not a romantic heroine, but a warrior. And it has always been – even as a child: the film begins with the background of the protagonist. This and other innovations make the remake more adult, epic, historical than the cartoon of the same name.

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Cartoon Version

In the cartoon, after all, how? It began immediately with an attack by the nomads, and their leader Shan Yu gave a motivation a la “I am evil because I am evil.” Remeikovsky Borikhan is not exactly a beacon of originality, but at least he was given two sensible motivations: thirst for gold and blood feud. Plus Borikhan summons troops and strategically strikes at the sore spot – on the wallet: economic sanctions had not yet been invented, because the nomads simply cut out the cities that stand on the Great Silk Road.

Further, if the Cricket from the cartoon movie ever dreamed of becoming a real boy, then in the remake his wish came true: here Cricket is one of Mulan’s colleagues. Together with her and dozens of other recruits, he enjoys the delights of the barracks’ life; which, again, is much less comedic and more realistic than in the cartoon. There are no separate tents here, but, on the contrary, there is a general bath. This leads to a funny reverse: no longer clean; Mulan complains about the stench of unwashed dorks and is looking for an opportunity to freshen up, but vice versa.

Mulan Movie Commentary

Mulan Movie Commentary

Mulan Movie Commentary. What is the strength, sister? Confucius identified five key virtues: philanthropy, justice, wisdom, sincerity, fidelity to customs. The film engraves three virtues on the sword: loyalty, courage, honesty. The main character of the film goes against both Confucius and the sword – she lies. Yes, with the noble goal of saving an elderly lame father from being drafted, but we are clearly told from the screen: lying is bad. For a lie in those days and in those circumstances, exile or death was relied on. Mulan, characteristically, gets both. And that becomes her initiation.

And what then is the power? Strength, as Brother 2 kindly suggests, is in truth. However, “Mulan” even without prompts copes with the transmission of this simple truth: the heroine suffers from her “disguise” not only morally, but also physically – the Witch warns that lies poison her powerful qi.

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Yes, yes, somewhere it disappeared, but somewhere it arrived: the remake lost some fantastic elements (goodbye, the dragon Mushu and the insect Cricket!), But acquired others. In addition to Qi and Sorceress, there is a phoenix and Wuxia movie battle scenes. In places, “Mulan” even slightly resembles “The Great Wall” and other films by Zhang Yimou: here they are fighting with their sleeves and running along different walls. But unlike the “Great Wall”, the novelty uses more bright light colors, and CG is more pleasant in it.

However, Disney was more focused not on Imou chips, but on its own. Mulan is another “pole girl”: like Rei from recent “Star Wars”, she is able to pile on superior enemy forces and practically heal with the laying on of hands. And the Witch is her Kylo Ren: there are, you know, some overlaps in prehistory, dynamics and chemistry.

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Revolting Rhymes Movie Review

Revolting Rhymes Movie Review

Revolting Rhymes Movie Review. Fairy tale, why do you have such big teeth? Murder, dismemberment, perversion are just as important a component of fairy tales as a royal ball or magic clothes. At least, they were once. On the way to us from the dark depths of centuries; fairy tales gradually bleached and fluffed until they reached the condition where they can be read; or shown to even the most impressionable baby without the risk of hearing a shrill “Wow!” or get a rattle over the head.

But now the pendulum has swung in the opposite direction, and now a whole sabbath of writers, laughing ominously, inverts fairy tales, that is, rethinks them, returning them to their former bloody and stinging essence. Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman, Andrzej Sapkowski – and, of course, Roald Dahl managed to trample with forged boots on the strawberry meadow. Previously, Dahl had successfully filmed “The Witches” and “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”, and now his small form – a collection of six short fairy tales, not without reason called “Bandit Poems”, has fallen into the tenacious paws of filmmakers.

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However, only five out of six are included in the cartoon movie – the story of Goldilocks and the three bears dropped out. Probably, it did not fit into the timing and the general storyline – which the filmmakers introduced. Dahl had each of the fairy tales on its own; and in the cartoon Cinderella and Jack turned out to be neighbors, Snow White and Little Red Riding Hood were friends.

Plus an important connecting link is the Wolf, who is here on the role of a truth-teller. A seasoned forest predator is not some cute auntie for you; he will tell you how everything really happened, ripping off the covers! .. And it turns out that one of the heroines will more accurately be called Blood-Red Riding Hood, and the other – not only an oppressed stepdaughter, but also a thief.

The Nest Movie Commentary

The Nest Movie Commentary

The Nest Movie Commentary. Looking at the reverse success story without even a rough hint that in the future of the heroes at least sometime there will be a happy ending is more unpleasant than exciting. The director, by hook or by crook, lowers the characters to the bottom (sometimes completely artificially and for no reason), and then reports that his work here is over and you can go home. It’s like taking a ride from Moscow to Vladivostok, breaking your car on the way and bleeding on your heels, and then stopping at the entrance to the city and walking back.

It smells of “madness“, but still falls into the “idiocy” section. One could justify this story with some kind of metaphorical retribution for the protagonist personally, but it does not work. Lowe’s hero is not a perfect person, but his vanity and craving for excesses are not bad for those around him. The viewer would rather fully share his aspirations than begin to condemn him. Moral weather vane “Nest” rusted and broke from the light breath of the breeze, and before he had time to show the right direction at least once.

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Acting Performance

Only the acting duet of Lowe and Kuhn helps this story out. Their interaction, from the daily rite of awakening to quarrels, is a real high school of acting and complete transformation into their heroes. Dialogues are active and emotional to such an extent that they can even slightly frighten with their activity and emotionality: it is not even an hour for the actors to take each other seriously and will not limit themselves to screaming.

So if you look, then only for the sake of both of them. For the rest, an evil movie came out for your dreams, especially if you are not sitting on the couch, but go to their realization. It is better not to look around, but to look directly at your path and believe that luck will be on your side. Still, Durkin went overboard with punishments sent to his characters. In reality, it is rare that a move completely destroys the life of the white stripes.

The King of Staten Island Plot

The King of Staten Island Plot

The King of Staten Island Plot is truthful. At the same time, “The King of Staten Island”, like “The Case of the Brave”, does not make firefighters shining knights without fear and reproach. They are afraid – as the station master says, everyone is afraid, and if you are not afraid, something is wrong with you. Some of them have problems with anger, money, personal life, bad habits. They are not perfect – and therefore look more alive. Scott is even relieved to learn how imperfect his father was. Idealization is capable of morally crushing – remember at least Harry Potter, whom all and sundry have compared with his famous father James Potter. No wonder Pete Davidson has a lot of respect for the Potterian.

A similar topic was raised in the recent Pixar cartoon “Onward“: there, the protagonist also lost his father and also learned with interest what he really was. A person is not only his strengths, but also his weaknesses. One-sided illumination leads to the plane of the image and the complexes of those who try to orient themselves towards it; versatile lighting allows you to convey the versatility of the personality and depict it more truthfully. Truth is as important a force as laughter.

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In addition to Davidson and Buscemi, Marisa Tomei plays the role of Marge, the mother of Scott and Claire, in the film. The real Queen Dowager of Staten Island, bright and charming. Tomei is generally good at such characters; a little earlier she played (and will still play) Aunt May from “Spider-Man” and other MCU comics.

Speaking of superheroes. Even a realistic drama-comedy cannot do without them: one of the local characters loves the Punisher and invented his own superhero – Ice Flash. At the same time, the movie trends does not forget to respect other trends: it jokes about MeToo, Donald Trump, Kanye West, Jay-Z, millennials and everyone who comes to hand. The heroes are watching “Doomsday. The Beginning ”(where, by the way, Tomei played, and the action took place on Staten Island),“ SpongeBob ”,“ Game of Thrones ”. The soundtrack includes compositions by DNCE, Fivio Foreign, Sofi Tukke. But Kid Kadi’s song Just What I Am is the most symbolic; both in meaning, and in its location in the film, and in the preceding.

torii: it was Kadi’s work that helped Davidson overcome suicidal thoughts.

The King of Staten Island Movie Review

The King of Staten Island Movie Review

Smoke with fire, The King of Staten Island Movie Review. Someone’s whole life is a solid comedy. Some have drama. And someone has a chance to generously sip both of that, and another.

Local heroines believe that you can let off steam by going to a spa, to a therapist or to a nail salon. The local protagonist Scott believes that letting off steam is best helped by blowing out smoke – smoking marijuana. Or decorating yourself and others with tattoos. On Scott himself, there are already more than three dozen tattoos – see how much steam has accumulated in a person? That and look, the boiler will explode from the pressure.

In the first half hour, Scott and his comrades – the same couch junkies – evoke a feeling of awkwardness rather than sympathy. However, there are still almost four-fifths of the timing ahead (yes, the film is unhurried and stretched out in places), and the characters have time to reveal themselves. First of all, Scott himself is revealed, at the same time a king and a jester, a puffer and a chronicler – this is the story of his growing up, accepting loss and finding a way in life.

Lost Path

The path was lost because Scott’s father was a firefighter and died in execution when Scott was seven years old, and his sister Claire had not yet been born. Seventeen years have passed; but the bitterness of loss continues to strongly affect the whole family, causing quarrels and even getting involved in crime. However, the worst has already happened, and the film does not bring down anything worse than this on its heroes. Only death is irreparable, and with the rest, options are possible. Despite the abundance of obscene language and grass, this is the so-called “feel good movie” – a film that makes you feel better from watching it.

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“The King of Staten Island” reminds of the drama “A Case of the Brave”: there were also brave firefighters; and even their overpowering drug addict. But the perspective is different: in the protagonists, not the head of the firefighters squad; but the son of his deceased colleague. The two tapes are related by the fact that they are based on real events: “The King of Staten Island” is half autobiographical; the leading actor Pete Davidson also lost his firefighter father at the age of seven, only under different circumstances – during the tragedy of September 11th. And he also rolled downhill, acquired health and study problems, even thought about suicide. It helped him to get out that he learned to speak and laugh – Davidson became a successful comedian. Fun and creativity often grow out of pain.


As in Cause of the Brave, the end credits reveal who the film is about and show a photo. “The King of Staten Island” is dedicated to Scott Davidson – the deceased father of Pete. Nepotism is enhanced by the fact that several Davidsons played in the film at once; not only Pete in the lead role, but also his grandfather Stephen in the role of; in fact, the grandfathers and sister of Casey in the role of incredible Carla.

Art of Lucky Grandma Movie

Art of Lucky Grandma Movie

Art of Lucky Grandma Movie.The heroine’s companions are indicative: people battered by life are loaded onto a regular bus during the day, they roll for several hours to the casino on the territory of the Indian reservation, at night they wearily ride the same bus back to the city – all for the sake of a ghostly chance to improve their affairs, to grab the wicked bird of luck by the tail. The series shown on TV in the house of Wong’s grandmother are also indicative: a Chinese “historian” with long-haired beauties and beauties, dressing up the emperor as a commoner, embarrassing romantic incidents – another means of escapism from a painful reality.

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Grandma Wong

Unlike the good-natured Big Pong, watch these series with skepticism and critical comments; but she does! And the fortuneteller at the very beginning of the chinese movie; again in words through her mouth, tells grandmother Wong that life has framed her, and immediately adds that she is about to bring happiness to the heroine; which will compensate for all her troubles. And when the money itself goes into the hands of the heroine (literally!), She is simply unable to resist. Granny Wong can be difficult to sympathize with, but she is easy to understand. Almost in the same way retired people who  thrown in “Leaving beautifully” and other old robbers.

Lucky Grandma Movie Review

Lucky Grandma Movie Review

Lucky Grandma Movie Review. 888 Gossip on the bench? Pushing on public transport with a trolley bag? No, this is not for the main character. If she goes anywhere, then to the casino, and if she buys something at a discount, cleverly bargaining in the process, then not slippers, but a bodyguard.

True, she is not Madame Wong, but Wong’s grandmother, so she does not rule the Chinese mafia. However, he still has some business with her – sometimes on his own, sometimes not. After all, in New York’s Chinatown, everyone knows everyone, and even a modest pensioner who honestly plowed from dawn to dawn for forty years knows that the street barker should demand bags not from Prada or DKNY, which he offers, but a limited LV: then you won’t get a bag, but something better.

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Yes, yes, the action takes place in New York, and the movie is American. But you can only guess about it by street signs and car numbers – everything around is so saturated with the atmosphere of the Celestial Empire: fortune-telling, altars, cafes, shops, serials on TV. The characters even speak mostly Chinese. Although with her son and grandchildren, Wong’s grandmother switches to English – and the theme of assimilation is one of the most important in the film. Young people still understand the language of their ancestors and, if necessary, can speak it, but they no longer know why it is impossible to put an altar in the bedroom, and prefers Western entertainment – twerk and Harry Potter.

However, the heroine’s son is not American enough to take her retired mother to a nursing home. On the contrary, he actively encourages her to move in with him, he even prepared the room. And here other key themes of the film come up – the theme of the family and the theme of respect for elders. Grandma Wong, to put it mildly, is not a gift – an eternally gloomy beech with an addiction to tobacco and gambling, deliberately getting involved in crime and stubbornly continuing to wallow in it. The bodyguard Big Pong tells her bluntly that she made all this porridge herself, stirring carefully with a spoon and sprinkling. But Grandma Wong has something to cover – and even if the law does not understand such arguments, people do.

Plot of Woman Who Ran

Plot of Woman Who Ran

Plot of Woman Who Ran. Some of the synopsis of this film try to lure the audience, at length hinting at a mystery almost on the level of David Fincher’s “Gone Girl”. But the trailer is more honest: it’s not even “Burning” by Lee Chang Dong; the local abundance of social issues was not seasoned with criminal suspense. In “The Woman Who Escaped”, only the seasoned seekers of deep meanings can dig up a reason to be intrigued: where did the neighbor’s mother disappear; who suddenly abandoned her family and seemed to disappear into thin air? Why did a friend get a discount of one hundred thousand dollars? Will the rejected stalker learn anything? But the movie does not provide answers to these questions. Nor does it answer the main question: why did the woman run away?

Although armed with a net and having caught a few bright details from the sea of ​​everyday life, one can make an assumption. Gum-hee abruptly changed her hairstyle – she cut off her hair at home, and then went to the salon. I changed some of my eating habits. Feels “something like love” for her husband and believes that this is enough; while the husband just envelops her with love (or stifles control): for five years they have never been separated, the husband works at home; knows his wife’s friends and does not approve of all of them.

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In principle, you can get pleasure from stringing scattered parts on one thread – if; like Gum-hee, you like looking at the waves of the sea or leaning out of the window and observing the surroundings; in other words, doing something optional but meditative. Or just watch, “and how are they.”

Although the difference with “what about us” is not that big; in South Korea it is also difficult to find relationships (and even harder to keep them in their former form), work, housing; but it is just as nice to climb up on the sofa and tryndet with loved ones about this and that; eat food prepared especially for you, fight burnout with the help of your favorite thing. One of the conclusions of the film is also universal: love does not have to directly depend on time and distance. You can hardly talk with those with whom you live under the same roof; you can experience a storm of feelings when you suddenly meet a “person from the past”.

Woman Who Ran Movie Commentary

Woman Who Ran Movie Commentary

Woman Who Ran Movie Commentary. To be fair, the film also gives a purely Korean features. For example, here’s a fleeting reference to the work of artist Jung Sung: the heroine compares the view of the mountain with his painting. Jung Sung is doubly not accidental here: as in the discussion of repetition and sincerity, the director-screenwriter’s ears stick out from here too. Jung Sung refused the canons, often left the workshop and painted what his eyes suddenly clung to. How can you resist comparing with Hong Sang Soo, who writes off his stories from real life, changes the script on the fly and sometimes finishes the next part right in the morning before filming?

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Another colorful and entertaining thing: in the cinema, where the hero comes, you can drink, but you cannot eat (no crunch of chips and popcorn during the session, babble!). And translations from English and teaching provide such a well-fed life that the second spouse might not work at all.

In a word, this is not an entertaining, but a life-story movie. Realistic, intimate, fluid, conversational – sheer “what women talk about”, only almost without humor. The heroine escapes for short distances, and not so much physical as moral – escapism with an overnight stay with a friend or in the darkness of a cinema. Judging by the color of the leaves and the rain, the action takes place in the fall, but it is not accented; the heroines talk about the beauty of the mountain, but the camera does not switch to the mountain – she is much more interested in the “weather in the house” and the inner world of the heroes.

The camera zooms in on the faces, the viewer seems to be sitting in the same room with the characters, he is also a guest, like Gum-hee, only he does not enter the conversation. The only question is whether the owners will bore him.

The Stand In Movie Review

The Stand In Movie Review

The Stand In Movie Review. The authors who presented their film as a comedy themselves, most likely, do not know what a comedy should look like. Or maybe, on the contrary, they know too well. In ancient times, almost any work with a sad or even tragic beginning, but an optimistic ending, which gave the viewer a number of positive emotions, was considered a comedy. At the same time, there could be nothing funny in a comedy play. With the “understudy” about the same. Three or four funny moments for the whole movie and a positive ending – this is not something that now could even remotely be mistaken for an entertainment genre.

The heroine of the tape – the popular comedy actress Candy Black – becomes a hostage of her own role and slides downhill. When her life comes to an edge, and her career has been in the “Kevin Spacey” stage for five years, Paula returns to her – her less bitchy counterpart, who worked as her stunt double during the glory of the actress. Candy offers Paul to replace her not on the screen, but in reality, and she, who dreams of fame, agrees.

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Going Deeper

The further, the deeper both are drawn into their new lives. The understudy is crazy about fame and begins to crush Candy’s life more and more for herself, turning into a bitch. And Candy herself is glad that she can finally do what she wants, and can be absolutely free from the glitter of spotlights, turning from a bitch into a sweet home madam. At the junction of interests, however; two opposites of the same stage image have serious conflicts with beatings, betrayal, betrayal and theft. Do not forget about hysterics with tears, this is also very important. No, there is frankly nothing to laugh at here, and the authors of the tape were well aware of this.

So what is it if you try to define the genre? It all depends on the minute you start watching this tape. At first it will be funny, then melodramatic, then again a little funny; then generally sad, then some kind of tin; and in the end it will be … it is not clear how; because it is difficult to find a definition for this cocktail of feelings. The word “tragicomedy” cannot describe what you see, but it is the closest one here.

Mank Movie Commentary

Mank Movie Commentary

Mank Movie Commentary. It is not customary to discuss Gary Oldman’s acting. And with roles similar to the character, such a discussion is generally taboo. Here is just such a case. For an ordinary director to achieve success, it would be enough just to give this actor a live background, so that the film at least formally differs from a solo performance. But a good director will select worthy partners in the frame, like a filmmaker selects the right frame for a masterpiece canvas. How lucky Fincher is one of those.

“Mank” was generally lucky with him. As with his father, Jack Fincher, the scriptwriter and responsible for the original nostalgic impressions of the 1930s and 1940s. Because with all the confusion of Mankiewicz’s life shown, both Finchers manage to completely clear out any doubts about his professionalism and, in fact, the role of the first violin in Citizen Kane’s ensemble. And this is the main thing for which the film was shot.

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But what is there to do to those who have nothing to do with the personality of this very Monk and “Citizen Kane” movie in general? Alas, one can only sympathize with such people. Although there is still noir. There is not so much of him here, but he is the most purebred: a lively saxophone in the company of a plucked double bass sets the rhythm for an ever-sunny Hollywood, and an alarming clarinet is waiting for the impact of loud trumpets to properly note the skeleton falling out of the cabinet; dazzling women, fedora hats and serious men who knew how to wear them.

When was cinematography so perfect? Never. And the Finchers sigh is about that. Solid as a tweed three-piece suit, and deep as the bottom of a screenwriter’s glass. It’s definitely worth a drink for this. So splash yourself with the best whiskey you can find, and opt for a cigar as an appetizer. The Lord clearly loves Hollywood joker-alcoholics. May their cup not empty – both in this world and in that one.

Plot of Wonder Woman 1984

Plot of Wonder Woman 1984

Plot of Wonder Woman 1984. Everyone, literally everyone who was in charge of the script and art production, gruffed with relish and hammered into the setting they had chosen. From the 80s in the film only a little at the beginning, and then all together leave the past in the past and add advanced modern technologies and equipment to the plot, allowing you to drive between the USA and Africa in a couple of hours without refueling.

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Separately, it is worth telling about how the Cheetah was introduced. Imagine a hypothetical elementary school textbook in which the author superficially tells child readers; how drama works with a couple of deliberately exaggerated examples. Now imagine that the screenwriter of a two-hundred millionth blockbuster took from there absolutely all the stereotyped; and almost caricatured techniques for presenting a “insecure character with some complexes”, stuffing them in a couple of minutes. You don’t even need to have a rich experience of watching a movie to understand how disgusting the result was. Even some Joel Schumacher in his DC film adaptations did not cram all the well-known cliches into one scene, but gave the viewer a break. In contrast, the authors of Wonder Woman 1984 did not feel sorry for anyone.

In this complete darkness, a little insane smile gleams Pedro Pascal, who, most likely, forgot to tell that there is no need to strain. So the actor tries, and even so that

Wonder Woman 1984 Movie Review

Wonder Woman 1984 Movie Review

Wonder Woman 1984 Movie Review. Attraction of unprecedented spit. The year 2020, along with viral infections, brought new film distribution schemes to the world. They will allow producers to save money, and viewers – not to get out of safe apartments, having access to all the latest movies. Many filmmakers were rightly indignant at such a redistribution of the market – especially loudly shouted those whose films can only bring full pleasure on very large screens of cinemas. But the authors of Wonder Woman 1984 were not one of them.

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Firstly, because they received compensation, and secondly, because they knew that the viewer of their film would not lose anything from watching at home. If you sum up all the action of a two-and-a-half-hour film, then it is unlikely that twenty minutes will be typed. And if you take from them a well-staged and entertaining action game, for which you are not ashamed yet, then … somebody, borrow a stopwatch, you can’t do without it. Home viewing will give you a complete picture of both the product; and the fact that director Patty Jenkins was just lucky with the first film, and there can be no question of any talent. With the second film, it was necessary to replace luck with experience; and the freshness of first impressions with diligence and skill. Nothing of the kind was seen when watching Wonder Woman 1984.

So, in the courtyard, a wonderful era of strange outfits and high hairstyles; and the American dream again opens the doors to daring personalities and hotheads. Diana Prince lives the ordinary life of a very wealthy lady; periodically putting on her superhero costume and beating up villains. And when the bandits are over; she languidly drinks coffee alone, walks through the dark house; and misses her first boyfriend who died in the Great War. Fortunately, she does not have to be bored for long – the authors; as best they can, introduce a couple of antagonists into the plot: Barbara Minerva; who is to become Cheetah – one of the main blood enemies of the character; and Maxwell Lord – the fulfillment of desires.

Monster Hunter Movie Commentary

Monster Hunter Movie Commentary

Monster Hunter Movie Commentary. The main thing in battles with giants for viewers familiar with the original source will not be fights, but preparation of characters for a collision. Making gadgets and weapons to fight some and using entrails and trophies from slain monsters to defeat others. Anderson has clearly spent enough time in the series not to miss this moment. Fortunately, preparation like all kinds of “grind” and “craft” takes at most a few minutes. There is no time to get bored and swayed, you need to destroy, break and save yourself if something does not go according to plan.

It is difficult to imagine the conditions under which all this was filmed, because the budget of the film is modest, and the monsters are often shown here in all their glory in the daylight. Of course, we saved on the scenery – two-thirds of the film is spent running through the desert; but otherwise everything looks more than worthy; and it’s hard to believe that the last “Resident Evil” and this film were shot by the same people. There is darkness, close-ups and incessant flickering. Here – intelligible and detailed battles with dragons in the light of the sun and rare skirmishes in the dark; moreover, justified by the plot, and not by the budget.

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Anderson did a real miracle by filming one of the most authentic video game adaptations for free, without losing any of its features; or, more importantly, its spirit. It’s nice to see that at least someone in Hollywood is concerned not only with the task of making a film; but also with the feelings of viewers who are interested in this film. Plus, the story’s frantic pace and simplicity will keep those unfamiliar with Capcom’s Monster Hunter fun. The product is almost universal.

Therefore, it remains only to regret that the continuation will not happen; and we will not only not see intelligent anthropomorphic palico cats in action (the scene after the credits hints at something very funny); but also the end of the story itself. Alas, the film pompously breaks off at the most interesting two steps from the goal; and even before the battle with an extremely dangerous fantastic creature. And therefore, all that remains is to yearn for lost opportunities and very proud Chinese knees.

Godzilla vs Kong Movie Commentary

Godzilla vs Kong Movie Commentary

Godzilla vs Kong Movie Commentary. According to the plot, the titans successfully interrupted each other, and only the matured Kong and the very evil Godzilla remained. But people can never sleep peacefully until one destroys the other. However, you can wait with this, especially if you use one of them to break through to the Hollow Earth – the birthplace of the titans, in no way resembling the center of Jules Verne’s Earth. If you watched the trailers, then you know about the plot about everything you need.

If you watched the trailers more carefully, then you know all the plot twists in advance. This film is not about cunning and tactics, not about the heroism of soldiers and the rallying of people. This is a set of plot links between scenes of giants fighting with one, but an important exception – at least one giant is given much more screen time than humans. And this fundamentally changes the matter.

Despite the abundance of human characters, they are here either comedian extras or assistants to giants, but certainly not the central figures of the plot. They try not to pull the blanket over themselves, they only make minor edits to the path of the main acting muzzles. The number of frightened idiots, of course, has not decreased, but at least it does not distract from what you are watching such films for.

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The Goods and The Bads

However, it is worth mentioning that there is no non-stop action in the film at all, and all the collisions of giants have already been spotted in trailers. Nevertheless, the action is quite proportional from local skirmishes to an almost half-hour denouement; combining the forces of wildlife and technology. Questions about the appropriateness of the presence of people in the plot immediately disappear; because the logic of their actions worked exactly to ensure that the ending turned out to be worthy of the viewer.

And now to the unpleasant. “Godzilla vs. Kong” is not a cult movie; and it is unlikely that the viewer will include it in their top 10 best films of 2021 by the end of the year. This entertainment, albeit a massive one, is extremely specific. An adult viewer will not be able to perceive an action for the sake of action without a coherent story and rudiments of meaning; for this you need to get more experienced at watching films of similar content. Otherwise, “Godzilla v. Kong” will not please you – every scene and every phrase of any dialogue will raise numerous questions. None of the blockbuster filmmakers asked them themselves when proofreading the script; so we don’t recommend you to do this either.

Bob Odenkirk Kickass New Movie

Bob Odenkirk Kickass New Movie

Bob Odenkirk Kickass New Movie. Children have grown up, parents can live a little for themselves. Problems that almost everyone can empathize with, only with firearms and grievous bodily harm. Conceptually, the film is closer not so much to “John Wick” as to “Rocky Balboa”! There, the main character was also in crisis and deliberately went into battle in order to release the inner beast and find peace of mind.

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Letting out the inner beast Mr. Nobody will be with maximum cruelty for opponents and with maximum fun for the audience. Ilya Naishuller made a film with a very clear style, which is diametrically opposed to the cold neo-noir “John Wick”. A picture in warm colors, music on a tube player, weapons from available tools and very dirty fighting techniques instead of technical jiu-jitsu. And the main difference, of course, is in the villains. Naishuller’s Russian mafia draws a lot from the flavor of Balaban’s films (Eggplant, hello!), Serebryakov is in his place, but the task of the villains is not to frighten, but to entertain. The jokes in the film work – understandable to American and Russian viewers.

Does the movie have any downsides? The final post-shoot did not have enough budget and tension, borrowing from Call of Duty was superfluous. However, with a budget of $ 16 million, it is a sin to complain about this, especially since the most important thing is that the film delivers positive emotions. The trailer promises shots and humor – the movie gives you shots and humor. And a little sweet for dessert.

New Mortal Kombat Movie Review

New Mortal Kombat Movie Review

There is a lot of fighting in the film. The fights are fierce. The heroes do not hesitate to cough up blood and treat each other without any reverence in terms of the integrity of bones and internal organs. Another thing is that filmed all this is not always good. In the world where John Wick exists, falling back to the patterns of Jason Bourne is somehow not comme il faut. New Mortal Kombat Movie Review.

Ragged editing, designed to blur the impression of the physical fitness of the actors, sometimes spoils the picture. The key word is “sometimes” – mostly brawls look pretty. The visual effects in some scenes are striking, but you can see that the creators did their best to smooth out the eye-catchingness of the budget CGI. There are bloody finishing moves, the so-called fatalities, who do not hesitate to take advantage of the R rating to the fullest. New Mortal Kombat Movie Review.


Why, then, is it impossible to admire and throw caps into the air? Firstly, between fights, you need to endure a storytelling that is stupid and cliché, in the best traditions of B-movies of the 90s, moreover, rather intimate, since there was not enough budget for a variety of location filming. And secondly, the amount of assault does not translate into quality. At some point, it simply gets boring to watch the fluttering of arms, legs, heads and other things. Instead of slowly savoring the deadly waltz of two fighters, the authors dump acid cosplayers on the viewer. Even the trademark fatality does not save – there is no satisfaction from a spectacular ending when there is no fight as such.

Compounding the aversion is the lack of memorable characters. Of the entire roster, only Kano has any charm. In terms of charisma, today’s actors for the most part are not able to compete even with Carey-Hiroyuka Tagawa; not to mention Christopher Lambert. Therefore, when Scorpio or Sub-Zero replace boring dummies; by an absurd coincidence of circumstances responding to familiar names, nostalgic delight awakens. Uniform magic of multicolored ninjas is going on.

The 2021 Mortal Kombat tries to simultaneously please old fans of the franchise and attract fresh ones. For the former, there are tons of specific references and fatalities, for the latter – new heroes and a different story. An attempt to sit on two chairs can be successful due to outstanding physical fitness; but still the main advantage of the film is terry old school and vigorous nostalgia.