Know-it-alls on the Moon of Marvel's Inhumans

Know-it-alls on the Moon of Marvel’s Inhumans

Know-it-alls on the Moon of Marvel’s Inhumans – Surprisingly, the choice of the name of the series for the Russian-language segment turned out to be very successful – when using the word “Supermen”, everything becomes clear with the heroes and the world in which they live. The city of Attilan is a beautiful oasis in the middle of a lifeless lunar desert, where the caste of masters bathes in luxury, and those born with the wrong set of genes are sent to the mines. Not so long ago, we dealt with bearers of similar ideas, they also loved words with the prefixes “super-” and “under-“.

The creators of the series are people with unique abilities: they managed to fuck up everything at all, did not miss a single opportunity to screw it up. And being of a very high opinion of themselves, they decided to do it loudly, on a grand scale, like the last time. Let’s hope that he became one for them.

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The outward squalor (which was shown in IMAX) could be forgiven with a good story; and nice characters, but this is all very bad. There are practically no characters that evoke sympathy; therefore it is not interesting to follow the movie plot. The royal couple sending people without superpowers to the mines; the spoiled princess, the king’s brother offended by the whole world; freaky cousins ​​- who of this gop-company can you empathize with?

At first, Maximus seemed to be the only adequate person, but by the end he turned into a banal villain with delusions of grandeur. The cunning manipulator, playing on the fears and aspirations of others; as they tried to imagine him, turned out to be a hysterical fool, unable to think over a single step. Competing in madness with himself, he won every time. The final decision of this genius was the destruction of his own city.

Luca Movie Review

Luca Movie Review

Luca Movie Review – A couple of juvenile ichthyandras hang out in the fresh air, caring for the motto “youth and joy, anarchy and joy”, while trying not to betray their marine origin to the townspeople. Whatever one may say, deep-sea creatures are not welcomed in these places, and the city government lays out a large sum on a barrel for capturing unbelted aquatic ones. The amphibious boys, whose transformation into scaly humanoids works according to the canons of the teenage TV series “H20: Just Add Water”, fool around and do not worry too much about being compromised.

In the meantime, they are trying to win in a local triathlon in order to drain the money they have won for a thug scooter, but globally their thoughts are exclusively occupied by the highs of the earth, unwise. Youngsters with fins marvel at the wonders of Earth’s gravity, make motorcycles out of shit and sticks, and hang out with an outsider girl who exclaims Santa mozzarella at every opportunity! Yes, for every adequate Italian movie idiom, there are five awkward culinary metaphors with the participation of gorgonzola, sardines and picolini, but this is not critical.


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What is critical is the issues of the policy of the “mouse corporation” and the offices sponsored by it. Well, Pixar, are they “odd” again? Yes, it seems not. Finally heading for original projects? Definitely. Down with endless sequels! Give me fresh blood! Treading unbeaten production paths is useful for everyone, including flagship studios, regardless of how many bumps they end up on. In the end, the same “Soul” gracefully clarified that not all of us are born Albert Einsteins; and mediocrity has the right to life. And if people who are truly in love with their craft take on writing / modeling / scoring / animation / rendering (underline the necessary) of this very commonplace; then even more so. “Luka” is just such a case: it does not start from a half turn; but it does not stall out of the blue, like a reliable Vespa scooter.

But it’s still a shame for Cthulhu. Imagine a Lovecraftian from Pixar – this would be a number …

Majo Minarai Wo Sagashite Movie Commentary

Majo Minarai Wo Sagashite Movie Commentary

Majo Minarai Wo Sagashite Movie Commentary – Not a hint of aggression and polysyllabic moral shape-shifters. The heroines will not meet with prohibitively difficult shocks, no matter how you guess. Someone did not like the folder in childhood, and God would be with him. In someone the guys see only a money bag, so burn it with a blue flame. Undercut on the career ladder because of gender? Dismissal of one’s own accord is not the end of the world.

Any sorrows in “Doremi” are fleeting, and the lyric piano does not get tired of pouring out beautiful chords to the beat of the life-affirming sayings of the girls walking in the picturesque Japanese province. There is no need to shed tears, if you have not forgotten how to swallow oxygen. And as for the search for a vocation, here the recipe is simpler than bread turi: a drop wears away a stone, but not by force, but by the frequency of the fall. Patience and work, comrades, patience and work. All the more so as demand is not beaten, and a dozen mistakes made in time are much cheaper than one missed attempt.

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Same Idea

Do you remember how the playful boor Vanka from Shakhnazar’s “Courier” handed Bazin a coat; with the words “Dream about something great” and disappeared into the darkness of the final credits? “Doremi” pedals the same idea, but with a remark: not everything is magic that is cast. The search for magic, made in the title of the movie, turned, you will not believe, a search for yourself. We swam, we know. The case is typical, if not set on edge, but the rainbow palette and frame capacity are the faded chronicle of personality formation into a noteworthy product. Moderately meek, immensely charming and completely devoid of malice, just like a papillon dog.

Cassidy in Preacher Series

Cassidy in Preacher Series

Cassidy in Preacher Series is still the same restless bummer who managed not to lose his moral guidelines. He has something of Jar Jar Binks and The Big Lebowski Dude at the same time – it’s not for nothing that he hates this movie so much. But his storyline itself is rather boring, all scenes draw out the charisma and non-standard behavior of the character. Vampire gomosyatina is interesting only to people with specific tastes, and eating their own kind after the first shock is disappointing. The expansion of bloodsuckers, which turned out to be a fake, sounds much more interesting than what happened in the end.

Through numerous movie flashbacks, it becomes clear how Jesse became who he is, and why he is acting so controversial. A person who grew up with a strong internal conflict cannot behave otherwise, so the main character rushes between good and evil, remaining the same boy who misses mom and dad. It remains to be hoped that the accomplished revenge will somehow ease his soul, if at all possible.

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The series compensates for the lack of good people with a wide selection of bad people: there are many of them here, and in some places they can cause sympathy. Everything except Granny: the old witch is not sorry either during her nightmares, or during the final massacre. Lover Cassidy is sad and does not cause anything but disgust. Allfather and Starr are generally hard to take seriously.

Hitler will show himself only next year, and a bloodthirsty creature that feeds on other people’s souls in order to prolong its worthless existence, you can really hate and sincerely enjoy her suffering in the season finale. But Satan literally falls in love with himself. He seems to understand what an absurd world he is in; has long resigned himself to this and is just having fun. The only pity is that little attention has been paid to him; and one cannot count on his resurrection in the fourth season.

In The Preacher, style invariably prevails over content. It is not always important what exactly happens in the series, the emphasis is primarily on how it looks. Let it be a well-placed hand-to-hand fight or floundering on the floor among the guts – it will look invariably cool.

Castle Rock Series King's Fascinating Fiction

Castle Rock Series King’s Fascinating Fiction

Castle Rock Series King’s fascinating fiction has been walking along the very edge of the low and the sublime for half a century. It has long been clear to absolutely everyone that this person is the main American author of our time, but no one dares to recognize this first loudly and officially. The strength and power of Stephen King as a talented storyteller is in the little things and nuances, his most piercing things are about the human soul, and not about the monsters under the bed (although about them too).

“Castle Rock” has already succeeded (in which most other adaptations did not take place); that it was able to capture and convey this side of the writer’s work. The Ruth Deaver line performed by Sissy Spacek is a beautiful and touching decoration for the entire season. The show was worth starting for this one sighting comeback. The author’s favorite themes – aging, loneliness, fear of death, the extinction of the mind; are combined into an hour-long poem accompanied by yet another non-random music – Max Richter.

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The Feature

Here, another paradoxical feature of King’s work is clearly revealed – his borderline. Not only between the sublime and the low; but also between the spiritual and the flesh, life and non-life, reasonl and madness; and most importantly, the fantastic and realistic: one cannot exist without the other. This makes King a hostage of the movie genre and probably interferes with that very alleged “official” recognition.

The nagging episode, in which Sissy Spacek played at least a nomination, addresses quite earthly topics; but is built entirely on a fantastic assumption, remove which – and the effect produced cannot be achieved. But the person remains the central object of attention. If science fiction passed the control department, this would be the main quality criterion.

The trouble is that the best episode is located three episodes before the end of the season. The viewer found himself in a pre-orgasmic state in anticipation of a grand finale, but did not receive a premature culmination of development.

Azarath Metrion Zinthos in Titans Series

Azarath Metrion Zinthos in Titans Series

Azarath metrion zinthos in Titans Series – This series has been waited for a long time. Information about him appeared in the period of “Arrow” sliding, the heyday of “Agents of SHIELD”, before the final fall of “Gotham” into the abyss of madness. The project promised to be either the fulfillment of the hopes of superhero lovers, or the embodiment of the worst nightmares. Each casting decision aroused the wild fury of fans, especially Starfire, whose appearance the authors literally reshaped in a new way. It seemed that the series would die without ever being born.

The X hour has come, and it turned out that everything is not as bad as many expected, but quite good. From the first shots, it became clear that DC has finally made a series that looks like an adult, and does not try to seem so, and, more importantly, does not consider its viewer an idiot. The heroes have undergone some changes in comparison with their canon images, but it is in this form that they fit perfectly into the world of the series, moreover, the local Titans simply could not be different.

Robin is no longer a boy, Raven is a frightened girl who knows her strength; Starfire does not remember herself, which does not prevent her from having colossal life experience, but Beast Boy has remained the same. All four are good in their current form, each of them is at the stage of formation; most convenient for meeting the viewer. And even Corey, who has changed a lot over the summer, does not cause rejection. Her new appearance may not be to everyone’s liking, it is a matter of taste; but as a person she has become more interesting and pleasant.

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The movie plot revolves around Rachel and her difficult fate, but the lion’s share of the attention goes to Dick Grayson and his moral torment. This does not interfere with the disclosure of the rest of the characters; but we are also introduced to them through him. Unfortunately, we have not been able to see the rebirth in Nightwing. The writers decided to first drive the hero through the circles of hell; and force him to rethink his life for the hundredth time; but the fact that they got rid of his old suit is already good; a thirty-year-old uncle in Robin’s outfit looks silly. Not everything is smooth with the character, frequent mood swings from “I’m tired, I’m leaving”;to “I’m rested, I’m back” by the middle of the season start to annoy; and sometimes he just acts like an asshole.

Sometimes the narrative sags and there is a feeling that we are being shown another episode of The Gifted; but thanks at least, not The Walking Dead. The Jason Todd line, the Hawk and Dove story are good; but there are already too few episodes in the season to spend on sideplots. Although a hint of the importance of these characters for further events partially justifies the extravagance of the authors.

Orville TV Series Review

Orville TV Series Review

Orville TV Series Review – Orville’s crew is by no means the best in the galaxy, and the ship itself is far from being a flagship. While in typical space operas the heroes are one of the coolest and each is a shining role model, the Orville personnel are much more realistic in their behavior. They have their flaws and memorable traits, they can play the fool, but when the work requires them, they are competent. As part of a paramilitary structure, crew members can stand up for themselves and are not particularly lost in crisis situations – their uniforms are not for beauty. The adequacy of the main characters sometimes reaches levels unprecedented for television.

The same can be said about the graphical side of the issue. MacFarlane has assembled a select team of computer and practical special effects specialists. The result is a very clean and vibrant picture that shows all the details. Models (real miniatures) of ships and computer landscapes are breathtaking. The makeup of the aliens is excellent, and when in the second season the authors were able to save enough money, we were given almost the best scene of the space battle of the five-year plan.

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Is Orville flawless? By no means, not all stories hit the mark 100%; not all jokes are good, not all episodes make you sit on the edge of the chair. Is Orville a good show? Definitely yes. He sets the bar for quality, below which anyone should be ashamed from now on. High-quality end-to-end movie storylines, character development, graphics, humor and drama, music – everything is as good as it can be with such a budget. And even more, because in a number of episodes the audience is pleasantly surprised; by the appearance of the invited stars. “Orville” is extremely difficult to perceive apart from “Star Trek”; but if you do not know by heart all the episodes from which “Orville” takes certain plot elements; then watching the series will be a pleasure. The main thing to remember is that foil costumes are such a stylization.

The Entire Season in The Boys Is Filled With Contradiction

The Entire Season in The Boys Is Filled With Contradiction

The entire season in The Boys is filled with contradiction actions, and at some moments it seems that all the characters have bipolar disorder. But if you imagine them outside the fantastic setting with clearly defined boundaries between good and evil, everything falls into place. If, instead of possessing superpowers, the characters were just people in power, would much change? If we make the Seven of Superheroes ordinary cops, then parallels with “Street Kings” or “Major” are inevitable. In the same way, people endowed with power abuse it for their own benefit or their own safety, but the rest of the time, at the very least, they try to do their job and manage to be someone’s friends, husbands and sons. But since superheroes are now in trend, instead of cops or oligarchs, we have mutants in funny outfits.

Playing on cinematic movie cliches, subtle irony over modern cultural trends, blood, guts and a pleasant soundtrack add spice. The action does not take new heights, but it looks organic, without kinks with CGI and tricks. Superpowers and the consequences of their use look as realistic as possible. It is confusing at first that the Butcher’s team is not super-pros like the SHIELD Agents mowing down superheroes in batches, but more like a courtyard. But it could not be otherwise – the essence of the story is in the confrontation of ordinary people with someone who is many times stronger than them.

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The Characters

If everything is fine with the central characters, then there are comments on a couple of minor characters. The misuse of Simon Pegg, who appeared in the series three times at most, raises questions. The boss of the Seven is not drawn to either the villainess or even the antihero. She considers herself smarter than she really is, tries to control what she cannot control. Another dummy wrapped by a strong and independent woman.

The entire first season looks like a preface to larger events, and most importantly, to the development of the characters. It’s not just that we were shown Maeve’s throwing from an arrogant sex doll to a person capable of empathy; local Aquaman slowly sinking to social bottom; Huey’s complex relationship with Starlight, which fate has divorced on different sides. It’s no surprise that The Butcher’s personal drama with his wife and Homelander is the least interesting. As for the latter, you just dream of having a kryptonite bullet in his head as soon as possible, and the first one wants to wish to solve psychological problems and stop exposing others to the blow because of his vendetta.

Mainstream Movie Protagonists

Mainstream Movie Protagonists

Mainstream Movie Protagonists – She is Frankie, a mediocre bartender and chronic loser with the face of Maya Hawk. He is Link, the crazy promoter played by Andrew Garfield. Both are stuck in a lack of money, with the only difference that the girl dreams of fame, and the guy – a capital freak – lives and enjoys life bypassing established social standards. He doesn’t even have a phone, but Frankie has one, and in front of the camera it is her mobiles that Link is clowning for the amusement of the inhabitants of the network. Epileptic antics, teasing onlookers, expressive speeches about the cult of consumption and Garfield’s crazy grin, at thirty-seven depicting an overexposed buzzer – you can’t hide from the lens, as well as from star fever.

Have you seen “Face in the Crowd” by Elia Kazan? A bearded drama movie about a girl from a talent agency bumping into a country-playing prisoner and accidentally turning him into a global star? But Gia Coppola saw and in one of the interviews admitted; that she drew inspiration for the “Mainstream” from the 1957 film. Nothing critical or illegal, and telling the old story in the language of hashtags; and emoticons that the rich only cry in public is a promising undertaking. It makes no sense to confront the character of old man Andy Griffith from “Face in the Crowd” with the hero of Andrew Garfield. However, it is curious to see how the latter tries on the skin of a self-centered manipulator with a punched cuckoo, oxidizing in the age of “TikTok” and memes about “amogus”. Everyone is happy, lois are affixed, no one left offended.

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The Movie Truth

Here’s just the truth – an invention of maniacs, cutting ears; and stitching eyes: “Mainstream” is not particularly convincing in the desire to persecute housewives; who pay more attention to Twitter than crying babies. Once “Black Mirror” hinted that progress is a dangerous thing; and works like a puddle from a fairy tale about brother Ivanushka; if you swallow a lot, you will become a kid. A little later, Ruben Estlund’s “Square” took the Palme d’Or for whispering in the ears of Cannes old-timers; they say, “contemporary art” (in quotation marks) leads to degradation and decadence. And then Dan Gilroy turned on the “Velvet Chainsaw” at full power; and shouting over the roaring engine, screamed heart-rendingly: “We eat shit and pay money for it!”

What is Mainstream Movie All About?

What is Mainstream Movie All About?

What is Mainstream Movie All About? With grief in half in several approaches, it burps out the central idea, and closer to the denouement, it slows down dopamine receptors, throwing out on the screen, firstly, the nuclear speech of Garfield’s hero, and secondly, close-up of his own physiognomy a moment before the final credits. The face of an insane inquisitor, who gazes holes in the insides and traces the truth to the viewer, who has regretted a thousand times that he had once registered on Facebook: “And the world wide web has its own spiders”.

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The Emotion

The only pity is that the emotional impulse breaks out only in the head ruffling part of “Mainstream”, and the preceding minutes of timing remind of the broken dynamics of “Deeper!” Michael Segal: from epiphany to facepalm – one joke. In Coppola’s case, it was one smiley that was stuck in the movie postproduction at the wrong time. It will not be possible to make allowances for an ironic tone, because the film often broadcasts in too serious cabbage soup, and he does not manage to balance between a joke and a clever thought.

The bottom line is a sluggish satire over an online-dependent society, eye-catching editing tweaks; albeit sometimes they are there neither to the village nor to the city, and the cool role of Garfield; which the actor can throw in a piggy bank for “Silence”; and “For reasons of conscience.” By this point, we mentioned his last name five times, Hawke once; and Jason Schwartzman was completely ignored; Andrew did a great job. “Mainstream” will not change your ideas about the lost morals that have moved online; but it will not cause any discomfort either. A kind of harmless placebo that does not shuffle (no matter how much he wants) common truths, and does not confuse the expression “write in a personal” with an impulse to prescribe in the face.

Titans TV Series Review

Titans TV Series Review

Titans TV Series Review – Superboy is a nice update to the team. Its storyline is interesting – it is a pity that it is crumpled, like the whole story with “Cadmus”. And if the whole season resembles Arrowheads, then the episodes about Connor bring back pleasant memories of Smallville.

But the main disappointment is the choice of the actor for the role of Bruce Wayne. Ian Glen looks good on his own, but this is not Bruce. Are they trying to convince us that this slender old man is Batman? Apparently, the authors were inspired by the film with George Clooney. Yes, the hero is good at annealing in the role of Grayson’s hallucination – but since when has Bruce Wayne been able to anneal? This is definitely the handiwork of Greg Berlanti: he turned Green Arrow into a gloomy bore, and Batman into a charming merry fellow.

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The Vibe

The show has a DC comics vibe. Deathstroke, Amazons, Cadmus, petty villains and even those who don’t appear on the screen are all perceived as part of one fantasy world. When Roy Harper, Superman or Lex Luthor are mentioned, it feels like they are real people, and not just references for the sake of references. And if any of the famous heroes or villains appear in subsequent seasons, it will be perceived as something natural.

It’s just a pity that for the second season of “Titans” we don’t really see the Titans themselves. The movie authors showed the old team working together in flashbacks, one brawl and a row at the end of the season. Okay, in the first season it was about meeting the heroes, but now you can already show them in action; however, in fact, only chatter about the team, which in fact does not exist. If the season was devoted to training and the first missions of the Titans; even such a parody of the X-Men would be good. But no, instead 13 episodes of mental anguish and squabbles.

Apart from the poor computer tiger and Trigon, technically everything is fine. Costumes, special effects, combat are kept up to date. Alas, there are few spectacular battles, and they cannot please with inventive tricks, but everything looks good. The show’s weakness is not in the visual.

The project got off to a good start, but the whole season’s slippage significantly reduces the desire to wait for the continuation.

The Sequel to Quiet Place Officialy Released

The Sequel to Quiet Place Officialy Released

The sequel to Quiet Place officialy released with the clear goal of dotting the “i” and, what the hell is not kidding, figure out the cinematic universe, spacious enough for a ton of side content (not excluded). A charming understatement, which could be attributed to the script miscalculations of the first part, turned into an Achilles heel for the sequel. In pursuit of clarity, John Krasinski lays a bolt on the original’s flirty hints, opening the second part with a flashback straight from the day the alien scum just fell on the United States.

In a Cuaronic-style drive, the episode is lived in one breath, no doubt; but the viewer, oil by impressive long shots; and a noticeably more expensive picture, will sooner; or later begin to realize that the once “Quiet Place” is about to scream like a publicized one. There are orders of magnitude more bullshit in the sequel, and the scenery is not limit to an isolate ranch. At first, this fact is unsettling, but getting use to boltological and geographical metamorphoses is not difficult.

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The family regained consciousness from the ending of the first movie, which had been cut short in mid-sentence, collected the money and hastily left their native land. In the last episode, the heroes accidentally discovered an imba means of dealing with two-meter chupacabras; and are ready to share the ultrasonic finding with everyone who has not lost the ability to negotiate peace.

“Quiet place” is wove from someone else’s experience and a heap of borrowings, but does not lose its own face. The film is a precedent, some dubbed a gaping plot hole; and others – a milestone horror along with “The Blair Witch” and the sloburners of Robert Eggers. The audible still life, painted on 35-mm film, mesmerizes with a chorus of whispering corn cobs; and deafens with rolling shots of a pump-action shotgun. The ultimate mutant, not designed for mass production, too strange to live, too rare to … become a franchise?

A Quiet Place 2 the Chamber Thriller Movie

A Quiet Place 2 the Chamber Thriller Movie

A Quiet Place 2 the chamber thriller movie transformed into a barefoot road movie. There are not so many stops on the way of the Abbots, but each promises a meeting either with beaten homo sapiens, or with bloodthirsty creatures from outer space. With the first, as usual, you need to talk and lament about the hard lot, with the second – to play cat and mouse, and so fierce that even ignorant mimocodiles in the cinema are completely silent in a rag.

What is the catch? And the fact that with the expansion of the boundaries, the copied paths became clearer. The “Quiet Place” of 2018 is a pinpoint bombardment, Chopin’s nocturne, performed on the strings of stretched nerves. Continuation – the same score, the familiar “pacification-adrenaline” sinusoid, with the least bit displaced. Structurally, the sequel does not differ from its predecessor, and almost every action scene in the original finds its rhythmic reflection in the episodes of the second part, right down to the editing timings. The impression is that Krasinski shot the same film twice – albeit licked to a shine of cat bells, with enchanting audio and video, but with never the ironic postscript same energy to the title of the original movie source. Is it insulting? Not really. Justified? Who knows…

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Quiet Place 2 is Cinema, albeit in advance. The picture famously contracts the spectator’s heart muscle and is not inferior in tension to the progenitor, but from the expected work on the mistakes, only the groundwork for it remained. Let’s cross our fingers and hope that this kind of trample from Krasinski; paraphrasing the original “gluing in gluing, sneezing in sneezing,” is a one-time action. Today, so be it, forgive, but after a year or two, no one will tolerate a jump on the same rake. No matter how you dance, the release of the triquel is a matter of time (just look at the box office), and the collapse of the series is a matter of a couple of mediocre spin-offs or one screw up out of the blue of the numbered chapter.

The Worst Thing About Star Wars 2019 Movie

The Worst Thing About Star Wars 2019 Movie

Here’s the worst thing about Star Wars 2019 Movie is despite the epic scope, despite Abrams’ trademark grandiose gigantomania, despite the tingling sensation of slight nostalgia somewhere in the chest area – despite all these generally positive things (for all their purely marketing nature) , during another Poe’s heroism or Lando’s witty joke, another lightsaber “blast” and Rey’s sad gaze at the horizon, you think that it all looks like a pompous funeral of the universe, which suffocates in its own atmosphere. All these reincarnations of Carrie Fisher, the return from oblivion of old heroes, constant references to the classic trilogy beloved by the majority – all this looks with one single thought: “This is not a sunrise, this is a sunset, friends.”

Fighting for the right to become the new George Lucas or Steven Spielberg, movie director Abrams single-handedly takes all the credit for sending the old ZV to the factory. There they will put in new teeth, apply a blush on sunken cheeks, twist gray hair, dress up; and remind her – and return to duty again. So on until it finally dies. And we will give away a billion or two of evergreens for this; bring them a couple of minor Oscars on a platter and eat so much popcorn that Khrushchev will be jealous of his corn campaign. So we will win.

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At least because of the tricks of the same Johnson, who has ceased to be a monosyllabic character-blank; and a split of forces on all fronts, and even a new robot snail in an expanded family droids, and new planets; also grandiose (and, what is already there, traditionally exciting) air battles; and Forces of a planetary scale, capable of crushing a small fleet into an accordion. That and behold, Cal Kestis from Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order will come out; and at the end Jar Jar Binks will read the interplanetary rap (calm, this is just a joke!).

The Live of Ordinary People in the Mandalorian Series

The Live of Ordinary People in the Mandalorian Series

The live of ordinary people in The Mandalorian Series – Living in difficult times is useful for working out mythology and immersion in a fictional world, and this is what fans of the saga have been lacking recently. Most of the worlds shown are galactic backwaters. This choice of locations allows you to save on decorations and graphics, which does not cause outrage within the series. If we were talking about a multimillion-dollar blockbuster movie, another desert planet would suggest the creators’ greed and creative impotence; but in the story of the bounty hunter hiding from the same thugs, this is a completely natural decision. Of course, you can hide in the lower levels of Coruscant, but who in their right mind would go there, especially with a child in their arms?

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Movie Characters

The characters are not striking in their depth, and the actors clearly do not strive for high awards; but this hardly spoils the series. It’s hard to understand at first why the protagonist is suddenly putting everything on the line in order to save the child, but by the season finale, this becomes very clear. Growing up an orphan, he did not want such a fate for an innocent baby, and hatred for the Empire that destroyed his home strengthened his resolve to disrupt the plans of his former employer. And all this without half an hour of reflections and lengthy conversations.

Sometimes it seems that the characters are very quick to establish emotional connections. It seems that the protagonist has known the farmer Quill; and the mercenary Kara Dune for more than one year; although in total he spent no more than a couple of weeks with them. But it ceases to seem unnatural when you understand that in their world; a person who does not shoot you in the back can be safely called a friend.

Some Solutions in the Mandalorian Series Are Quite Strange

Some Solutions in the Mandalorian Series Are Quite Strange

Some solutions in The Mandalorian Series are quite strange – Some will remain on the conscience of the authors, while the other is entirely the fault of the new canon, whose stinking spirit periodically blows in the series. If the Mandalorians’ prohibition to take off their helmets looks like just a strange whim of the authors (I remember, Jango Fett walked without him and felt pretty good); AT-ST, walking stupidly into the ditch instead of covering the entire visible area with fire, seems to be a flaw, other moments significantly spoil the impression.

The shoals of the authors, if desired, can be explained. Helmet fetish may be a feature of a specific group of Mandalorians; rather than the people in general, or this rule appeared after the genocide perpetrated by the Empire; as a way of conspiracy. Poorly qualify personnel could operate the walker, or for some reason they were force to save ammunition. Other problems are harder to ignore.

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Plot Hole

You can close your eyes to the fact that another character without training can control the Force. After all, there was the Rakata empire or the Sith race; and some animals are able to use the Force on a whim. Even instant healing can be accepted, although it looks like sheer witchcraft, but in the history of “Star Wars” wonders and even worse. But the events that will occur a couple of decades after the action of the series cannot be ignor. Because whatever the heroes do in subsequent seasons, it will be discount by the newest trilogy; and the Mandalorian’s attempts to give the child to the Jedi; or any other way to improve his life, lose their meaning.

The series has been renewed for a second season, so we will soon find out if Jon Favreau has enough talent to pull Star Wars out of the hole into which the movie franchise continues to push Kathleen Kennedy’s minions.

Deux moi Movie Symbolism

Deux moi Movie Symbolism

Deux moi Movie Symbolism – Despite the smoothness, the film manages to cover more than half a year of time, starting with cold weather and ending with warmth. Unpretentious, but still effective symbolism – as well as, say, the unifying power of music, hobbies and pets. Or the color palette: Remy’s range is colder than Melanie’s.

In order not to lull the audience with its pace, the film throws up intrigue after intrigue: why can you faint from a smile? How to turn weakness into strength? How are male burgers different from male nuggets? The last question, however, is rather humorous and gets an answer almost immediately.

The film also covers a whole bunch of topics: in addition to fighting internal demons, it shows family relationships, doubts about the benefits of their work and finding their own way, the pros and cons of small and large cities, the life of migrants, and so on. There is also a topical topic of celebrating Christmas. It’s funny, but true: in the midst of such an abundance, the question even fades into the background, will the really titular he and she finally meet.

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The Story

“He and She” is not a story about romance, but about life in general. And about how important it is to trust life, how much is interconnected in it; even if it is not obvious at first glance. The nightmare slogan “Find your love” on the Russian poster would be better changed to “Find yourself” or “Know yourself”; it is also not new, but more appropriate and less vulgar, associations with “Dom-2” are absolutely superfluous here.

The film is not exactly festive – but, unlike New Year’s comedy movie, advent calendars, Christmas collections and other things clearly tied to the season, it will retain its relevance for a long time – both on holidays and on weekdays, of which there are still more.

Strike First Strike Hard No Mercy in Cobra Kai S3

Strike First Strike Hard No Mercy in Cobra Kai S3

Strike first Strike hard No mercy in Cobra Kai S3 – Could a karate-based serial based on an old movie be interesting these days and gain popularity not only with 80s-nostalgic old moviegoers, but also with a young audience? Easily! It turns out that if you come up with a good story and write realistic characters, then you do not have to have cool special effects and sudden plot twists – this stuff is now in bulk, and people are hungry for suitable simple plots.

This is not to say that the script for the third season is flawless, but it was not so in the two previous ones. The authors are too fond of the serial cliché with understatement leading to problems – in this case, “Cobra Kai” can safely compete with “Supernatural” and “Smallville”, even if they join forces. If the heroes let each other speak and did not jump to conclusions, then the already short seasons would become even shorter.

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Writer Technique

But even if you want to scold the writers for abusing the above technique; it cannot be said that unwillingness to listen to others is contrary to the characters of the characters. Most of them are either adolescents during puberty or adults with untreated trauma; there is nothing surprising in their stubbornness and egocentrism. It would just be strange if Johnny, brought up in a cult of violence and drunk all his life, suddenly turned into a thoughtful and balanced person. His attempts to get better and his regular regress make the character realistic.

Most of the season Johnny is busy making redemption and correcting mistakes, while Daniel is busy closing gestalts. He will hang out with the former, and will make peace with old enemies; and will communicate with the spirit of the teacher (not directly, but through reading his letters, but it still counts). Remarkably, Daniel is not limited to near-philosophical reasoning; so dear to the heart of adherents of martial arts; but teaches the viewer a lesson about the importance of the right acquaintances for business success.

Looming Horror in The Lighthouse Movie

Looming Horror in The Lighthouse Movie

Looming Horror in The Lighthouse Movie – Compilers of lighthouse keepers’ manuals clearly need to be a little more discerning and try to broaden their advice to cover the range of possible problems their readers may face. For example, the actual (at the time of the painting’s action) copy of this book, published in 1891, did not include extremely useful instructions, which could certainly help people of this noble profession, who for no reason at all began to lose their soil right at the workplace. from under your feet.

Robert Eggers, the author of the wonderfully intelligent horror film The Witch; is passing the most challenging director’s exam in his second film. And he began it by not changing what did not break in his previous work: a closed place of action, a small number of characters and, in fact, the genre.

The old sea wolf; and his new yellow-mouthed assistant take over the watch to watch the lighthouse. An island, a sea, a lighthouse and two turquoises swarming like hedgehogs in the fog are not in themselves the best soil for a horror movie. But all the charm here is given by the fact that, along with the main characters, American writers Howard Phillips Lovecraft and Edgar Allan Poe sneak into the incognito shift. Or, more precisely, the spirit of their works.

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The Plot

Fascinated by literary classics, Eggers recreates the darkness of their old man’s scarecrows; with such love that I somehow do not want to make claims to the plot simplicity of the script. Absolutely bookish things like a story about an unexpectedly crazy and dead previous assistant or the strictest prohibition to climb the lighthouse, accompanied by insanely bulging eyes and a disheveled beard of Willem Dafoe, so fervently melt the composure of the new assistant that the main idea of ​​this horror movie becomes clear – a tribute to the sinister antiquity. The creak of the floorboards, the leapfrog of the shadows on the ceiling, the cries of birds and; of course, some tentacles.

This special expressive retro charm of the ribbon is truly mesmerizing. Squeezing on the sides the already narrow classical dimension of the frame window; to the textbook proportions of early American filming systems; the authors did not forget about the sound, somehow luring the devil himself (certainly the sea one) to blow orchestral; and other copper into all the gills. Needless to say, with such pictorial means; willing or not, the viewer joins in performing the hellish service at the lighthouse?

Easter Eggs in Farmageddon Movie Are at Every Step

Easter Eggs in Farmageddon Movie Are at Every Step

Easter eggs in Farmageddon Movie are at every step that it feels like Easter is already in the yard; you don’t even need to look for them. For starters, there are cameos of other characters from the Aardman Animations cinematic universe: Rocky the rooster from Escape from the Chicken Coop and Wallace with Gromit from, in fact, Wallace and Gromit (not personally present – they are shown on TV at the very beginning). Greetings to various fiction are even more: the whistle password refers to the “X-Files”, the cosplay of the Fourth Doctor and the Daleks – to “Doctor Who” (except that instead of a blue booth there is a blue booth), flying in a garbage can against a background of graffiti with a night sky – to To the alien.

Sometimes Easter eggs are not limited to the visual and are reinforced audibly: the symphonic poem “Thus Spoke Zarathustra” by Richard Strauss and the waltz “On the Beautiful Blue Danube” by Johann Strauss – hello, “2001: A Space Odyssey”! Although there are parallels that have nothing to do with science fiction, for example, sheep-builders, having a smoke break in the style of the famous photograph “Lunch on a Skyscraper.”

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The References

Noticing such references is one of the main pleasures of the cartoon movie. But not the only one. “Farmageddon” is pretty childish and predictable, but the action is fascinating, the jokes are numerous, and it’s nice to see old acquaintances. On the question of how old it was: the first appearance of Sean the sheep on the screen took place a quarter of a century ago – no joke! Then he was still a minor character in the Wallace & Gromit franchise, but in 2007 he got his own series, and in 2015 – the first film. Farmageddon is the second Sean the Ram movie – and the first full-length sequel by Aardman Animation. But not least: the studio is already working on Escape from the Chicken Coop 2.

“Farmageddon” is faithful to traditions: it is still a plasticine family comedy; where there is a lot of farce and almost no words at all, so they don’t even dub it (but they do localization of the inscriptions, and it is very cute). Characters mostly make do with laughter, sighs, shouts, snorting, bleating, and other sounds that do not need translation.

Aliens and earthlings here also easily understand each other, there is no language barrier. Another reminder that different appearance; and life in different locations (here – already in different star systems) do not interfere with having similar characters and values. And similar dislikes: broccoli is galactic-scale muck.

Last time Aardman Animations traveled back in time with Wild Ancestors, now it has gone into space. But what is valuable, even in pursuit of setting trends, she still has not lost her own face. Let’s see what the next cartoon will be like: the hens will also move; from the chicken coop to the island. Hopefully, the plot will do without a plane crash.

The Halls of the Gods in Valhalla Movie

The Halls of the Gods in Valhalla Movie

The Halls of the Gods in Valhalla Movie themselves are a kind of inscription of rumpled and thumping curtains. Thor’s house is a miserable room where the characters sleep almost end to end, and this is instead of cartoon 540 rooms. Utgarde is inhabited by cosplayers of orcs, whom it would be better if they continued to call them Jotuns, rather than being turned into giants by localization magic: these “giants” are only slightly taller than the human boy Tyavi. The main special effect, which takes place under the name Fenrir, is in harmony with everything else: it is desperately outdated.

In a word, these are by no means colorful; and good old-fashioned adventures of Espen from the Norwegian film series based on Norwegian fairy tales. The difference is the same as between atmospheric vintage and dusty junk.

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The only character who unconditionally evokes sympathy is the dumb chitun Quark. Who only does what helps the heroes – as a reward, receiving either contempt or a direct order to get away. Yes, Tyavi and Ruskwa are very nice children. The same Ruskwa is drawn to compare with Chihiro from Spirited Away; in contrast: Chihiro agreed to the hard work of a witch’s servant; for a chance to save her parents, and Ruskwa; on the contrary, ran away from her aging parents, leaving them without help, and asked the gods. The only consolation for the audience is the irony of how the exchange of one responsibility for another turned out to be for Ruskva.

Beautiful landscapes and classic fairy-tale movies like reviving the dead or a combination of magical prohibition and violation of it can also sweeten the pill a little. And it’s nice to refresh the myths.

However, much more noticeable are unpleasant heroes, a swaying plot, a total budget with the declared epic, boring production. An attempt to compete with the overseas Vanderbildikha failed.

Stringiness of Valhalla Movie

Stringiness of Valhalla Movie

Stringiness of Valhalla Movie. American film comics Marvel about Thor and company hurt some fans of Scandinavian mythology. The Scandinavian comic strip about Thor and the company risks making them even more painful.

Yes, although you can’t tell right away, Valhalla: Ragnarok is based on the comic strip – which started more than 40 years ago, in 1979. It would seem, who else, if not Scandinavians, is clever in handling their own cultural heritage? But alas, here they are lagging behind. At the same time trying to catch up with competitors and go their own way. Thor appeared in Marvel comics in 1962, in the first film adaptation (the animated series The Marvel Super Heroes) in 1966.

The first movie adaptation of the Danish comic book also turned out to be animated – the full-length cartoon “Valhalla” in 1986. It was expensive and ambitious, became iconic for Scandinavian teenagers – but failed to pay off at the box office. And now, after dozens of years, ambition (or the desire to grab a piece of the pie) raised its head again. “Valhalla: Ragnarok” is a remake of the same cartoon, only more gloomy, large-scale and trendy. In theory. In practice, it is Frankenstein’s clumsy monster, entangled in its own legs, stupidly waving with a third hand sewn on for some reason, and extremely meager in its “scale”.

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Comics and cartoon have told in their own way the myth “Thor’s Journey to Utgarde”. For the sake of epicness, the film added the myth of Ragnarok to the plot and the Great Prophecy of the Chosen One was taken from the ceiling – the move is so mossy that it can be used to determine which direction is north.

The film tried to gain relevance at the expense of strong women: if earlier the boy Tyavi stood out more out of two human children, now his sister Ruskva shines; and the rest of the heroines beat the male characters with one left.

The CGI in Army of the Dead Movie

The CGI in Army of the Dead Movie

The CGI in Army of the Dead Movie is sometimes sluggish, but, as you know, you can’t spoil the farcical genre vinaigrette with a couple of slipshod explosions. And the extreme bokeh in the background, as they say, is not a bug, but a feature: the film was filmed with a custom lens from Zero Optik. And it is necessary for the sake of an aesthetic picture or to hide errors – an open question.

However, “Army of the Dead” looks and sounds more than kosher. One classic screensaver made by Snyder is enough to dot the i’s. Viva Las Vegas in jazz sounds in your ears, Dave Batista and Co mutuze the living carrion in slow-mo, the streets of Sin City are covered with carpet bombing, and an intense drum beat rhymes with machine gun shots that turn the carcass of another decomposition into a sieve. Juicy, loud, stylish.

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For two hours and thirty minutes you stare at the screen, waiting for Snyder to pull out the fig hidden in his pocket; and the trouble never happens. No matter how you dance, but behind the scarlet tracers of large-caliber guns; and a dozen zombies in the frame it is difficult to discern the incomprehensible “chemistry” between the main characters and the lack of common sense. Zack was not used to guiding the movie audience neatly along crooked storylines, avoiding every protruding bump.

Zack tears the script into small pieces, pushes this waste paper into his mouth, chews; and spits the viewer in the face; so much so that he risks collapsing on his back and banging his head on the curb. Who wants to grumble about the sagging pace and the dummy characters when the 2m WWE fighter aptly smacks at the cannibal stickman in the middle of the arcade? Also with crispy bills floating in the air. Also in deceleration.

Army of the Dead Movie Bright Light City Gonna Set My Soul

Army of the Dead Movie Bright Light City Gonna Set My Soul

Army of the Dead Movie Bright light city gonna set my soul. In one old review of Snider’s “Dawn of the Dead” written in English and white, they say, the director does not sculpt a movie, but counts how many rotten skulls need to be smashed in order to grab the NC-17 age rating. One, they say, posturing and obscurantism, these debutants are promoting to the masses, forgetting about smart stories. Since then, little has changed, and this is encouraging. Buddy Zak enjoys his craft and knows how to tempo-rhythm-editing (four hours of the updated Justice League fly by like one and a half), and the integrity of history for him is the tenth thing. Still, this world is sorely lacking in a good, stupid movie with a cool production, which forces you to think with your spinal cord, not your head.

How not to approach the “Army of the Dead”, thoughts that the idea of ​​the film was born in the course of a comradely argument over drunkenness still creep into the subcortex. Just read it: to thrust “Ocean’s Eleven” into the world of the zombie apocalypse movie. And so that the primordial Michaelbay pitching swims in the sea of ​​blood, and so that all this horde will shoot the walking dead in the heart of Las Vegas, and push the zombie tiger there, where can we go without it. Are you faint, Mr. Snyder?

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The Director

“No way,” the director replies. Fortunately, Netflix, unlike Warner Bros. this kind of concepts does not leave on the back burner. It is not without reason that such people-steamers as Scorsese, Cuaron; and Fincher turned to the big red N for material assistance. Unless they give less money, but the freedom of creativity is not particularly limited.

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The Women in The Gentlemen Movie

The Women in The Gentlemen Movie

The Women in The Gentlemen Movie. Yes, yes, in addition to the gentlemen, there is a lady in the plot. Not even one. Rosalind Pearson is not the queen of a gas station, but of a whole elite car service. And her husband to boot. She is “London Cleopatra”; however, in the original a little differently – cockney Cleopatra, that is, Cleopatra-cockney. This touch to the portrait was lost during the translation, but it is important: it seems that Rosalind, like her faithful, has gone from pawns to kings. But Laura Pressfield is a lady by birth (she is of royal blood), but not by way of life.

With the real aristocracy, there is no less real gopota. The most charismatic representative of which is Coach, a sensible, clear-cut kid who has seen some shit and settled down. The role sat on Colin Farrell like a glove.

Other actors were also lucky: they got expressive images. What is a consigliere-of-all-trades-master with principles and neuroticism Raymond performed by Charlie Hunnam or a sneaky private detective with a dream to become a screenwriter Fletcher, embodied by Hugh Grant.

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The Tricks

Fletcher, by the way, the movie drama owes a fair share of cinematic tricks: here is the argument about the 2.35: 1 format (during which the frame naturally changes), and references to Francis Ford Coppola, and the distortion of reality in the direction of “how it would be more spectacular”, and a charming scene in the Miramax office, where Richie not only said hello to the studio-producer of Gentlemen and his next film Cash Truck (a remake of the French “Cashier” in 2004), but also joked about his previously filmed “Agents A.N.K.L. . ” and about the sequels. Another example of humor “for insiders”: the Chinese drug Lord George is probably named so because his actor Tom Wu previously played Lord John in “Revolver” for Richie and George in “King Arthur’s Sword”.

Yes, another sign of Richie’s film is the familiar faces. And if not all, then many. Let’s say Eddie Marsan previously played Inspector Lestrade in Sherlock Holmes; that role was not the most honorable, but here his character – Big Dave – is generally caricatured, the plot constantly makes fun of him and puts a pig on him. Elements of caricature are also strong in the Chinese criminals – for the same Lord George, they organize an unsightly tight stream.