Jamie Bamber to film Shakespeare's Daughter Print
Sunday, 24 June 2012 22:29

Jamie Bamber has a role in the drama Shakespeare's Daughter. Bonnie Wright, who played Ginny Weasley in Harry Potter, confirmed it a few hours ago via Twitter.


Shakespeare's Daughter@thisisbwright My first day on set was spent wearing pin up esque 60s swimwear sitting by a river with the lovely Jamie Bamber what more could you ask for

There are no official details about Jamie's role yet.


Shakespeare’s Daughter, by Elemental Cinema, is about Eugene Devlin, a once famous, and now reclusive poet searches through his past looking for redemption and peace’.

David Warner will play the starring role (Eugene Devlin) in Shakespeare's Daughter. He already played together with Jamie in the Hornblower movies "Mutiny" and "Retribution" as Capt. James Sawyer. The film also stars Chevy Chase, Eric Roberts, Tom Sizemore, James Rebhorn, Cynthia Gibb, Sasha Spielberg, Campbell Scott and Bonnie Wright. Filming with Jamie started on June 22, in Vermont / New England.


Shakespeare's Daughter will be released sometime in 2013, it is not known if it will only air in film festivals or if it will be distributed to movie theatres. For more information about the film, please check the website of Elemental Cinema.