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Marcella - Series 2 Interview with Jamie Bamber (ITV Press Pack) Print
Sunday, 18 February 2018 22:53

Marcella Series 2 - Jamie Bamber plays DCI Tim WilliamsonITV has released some cast interviews in their production notes/press pack for Marcella Series 2, also an interview with Jamie Bamber.


Jamie Bamber plays DCI Tim Williamson

..."We join the second series several months after the first series ended. Tim has moved across as DCI into the same department as Marcella, so he’s now her boss whilst also still being in a personal relationship with her." ...


Read the full interview below!




Marcella Series 2 Production Notes

by ITV Press Centre


Interview with Jamie Bamber

Jamie Bamber plays DCI Tim Williamson



Can you tell us what viewers can expect from the new series of Marcella?

Viewers can expect to see that Marcella, whilst investigating a truly gruesome murder is also still investigating herself and her own reliability as a human.  Also, viewers will find out that the second series has a brilliant storyline that has a very high body count!


There’s a fantastic bunch of new guest actors and lots of story strands the audience will have to try and piece together.  The writer Hans Rosenfeldt has such an amazing talent in writing these multi layered stories. A month away from the end of filming and I still didn’t know the identity of the culprit.  The scripts are fantastic. I think the second series is stunning and I hope the audience love it as much, if not more than they did the first series.  Anna’s central performance is again, just wonderful.


Can you tell us where we find Tim at the beginning of the series and the premise of the show?

We join the second series several months after the first series ended. Tim has moved across as DCI into the same department as Marcella, so he’s now her boss whilst also still being in a personal relationship with her.


A new case appears and a boy who disappeared several years ago is found buried between a wall in an apartment in London, and in true Marcella and Hans Rosenfeldt style there’s a lot more than meets the eye.


There is an array of characters that we’re introduced to early-on in the series and you’re not quite sure who is going to be relevant and who’s not. There are lots of themes running throughout the series that touch on very relevant news stories currently occurring in the world.  Marcella is a serial killer drama and it’s about a detective solving a crime, but it’s also set in a real social context.  Hans looks at issues in the news and interweaves them into the story.


As an actor, is it appealing that Hans’ writing is very current and relatable?

Hans has an ability to write stories that are real and are interesting to all of us, they are the crimes that sell newspapers every day. It’s a wonderful game for the audience to try and stitch together the hidden story within the many stories that are being presented and that’s the challenge Marcella and the police within the show are dealing with. It’s a challenge that the audience gets carried along with.  Hans also interweaves his scripts with moral dilemmas and characters that are all quite ambiguous – they are so interesting to play and watch.


Is Marcella still battling with her personal demons?

Marcella really is a tortured individual within her own psyche and her own identity.  She is still having massive issues with her fugues – when she’s under stress she’s still having big blackouts and not knowing what’s happening during those times, it’s really scary.  She doesn’t trust herself and she doesn’t trust many other people, a lot of the time that lack of trust is merited.  She seems to have pretty good instincts professionally but not so much personally.  She’s constantly being tortured by this problem of who to believe. I’d definitely say she’s still a troubled character.


How is the morale of the police team this series?

As we re-join the team we see that there are new elements that cause friction.


Tim has been moved across as DCI into the department which really seems to ruffle Rav’s feathers as he would have expected the promotion.  Tim has also brought Leanne, a new member of staff onto the team without telling anyone so there is real friction.


Tim is someone who is an extremely ambitious single guy and hasn’t ever really had to think about anyone other than himself. Whilst he’s always been very effective in his role and in the first series I was very keen that he was a team player but now, being the captain of the team seems to have affected him and everything that he does in this series. His ambition is paramount and foremost in his mind, so his relationship with Rav and the team is tricky and I’m not sure Tim is dealing with it in the best way.


You mentioned earlier that you still haven’t guessed where the storyline is going. As an actor playing a policeman, does it help you to not know who the murderer is, or would you prefer to be told?

This is the first job I’ve ever done where the actors are kept in the dark with regards to the storyline. I’ve embraced it and it’s actually quite fun to play the detective game.


I do have an idea who did it and I’ll have to wait to see if I’m right or not.  Actually, I say that I have an idea but it was actually Ray Panthaki who came up with the theory very early on and it was a revelation!  Of course, we don’t know if he’s got it right but am excited to find out.


It can be quite difficult as an actor not knowing where the storyline is going as you don’t know your characters motives but it can be quite liberating because you’re taking each moment as it comes, pretty much like life.  I think Ken Loach works in this way also, he doesn’t give his actors the whole script and he films sequentially which is rare.


Is it difficult to keep the Marcella secret a secret?

The hardest thing is taking part in interviews.  Of course, you want to sell the show and make people want to watch it but there’s only so much you can say, especially when your character is so closely entwined with the lead.  You have to talk in general terms and about the tone and that is quite difficult. 
I’m so proud of the series and want to do it justice.


My friends and family are used to the work I do and have given up asking me for hints and clues!


What do you think is the USP of Marcella?

I think the main selling point to the show is the central character Marcella.  To have a flawed main character who is investigating herself the whole time as well as investigating everyone else around her is appealing.  In a working environment, she goes after people in a very personal, unprofessional way
and she doesn’t follow procedure. I think the viewers empathise with her and can relate to her; none of us are sure who we are at times, we question why we do what we do and that is what I think is gripping.


I also think it’s been wonderfully created.  The directors, Charles Sturridge, Charles Martin and Jim O’Hanlon have been brilliant.  There’s a very strong, visual look to the drama which is full of colour and vibrancy.


I really enjoyed watching the first series of Marcella as a viewer.  My role was quite compartmentalised so I discovered a lot more as a viewer and I was really drawn in.


Do you find it easy at the end of the day to switch off following a day of filming gruesome storylines?

To be honest, no I don’t. The storylines we’re dealing with in this series are extreme; it is very dark and if you let your mind get sucked in it could be horrendous.


Having said that I haven’t, as an actor, had to deal with the dark themes as much as Anna Friel or Ray Panthaki - Tim is the big boss, and he oversees the case whereas Marcella and Rav are there, in the midst of the case day in day out.

I’ve actually been very lucky this series as my filming schedule has been not too heavy and I’ve filmed in some lovely locations.  Whereas a lot of the first series was filmed during the colder months this time it’s been nice and warm and I’ve been outside.  When it has been cold, all my scenes were inside!

I’ve loved being back in London, I was there for the whole month of July with my family when we started the show and it was lovely to do that.  I have thoroughly enjoyed the series and I love working and hanging out with the other cast and crew members. It’s been a very happy experience.


You now live in France with your family. Have you had the opportunity to film there yet?

I worked on a French romantic comedy last year which was a wonderful experience filming in Paris, Morocco and Scotland. It was a great experience because when you live in a foreign country you’re obviously a new arrival and an outsider so it’s great to get the opportunity to work in the country. I’m a
big Francophile.  I love French culture and to be part of it is wonderful and I hope to do more productions in future.


One of the things I love as an actor is getting the opportunity to meet and work with all sorts of different people, to work and live in different places which I’ve been very lucky to do and it’s always a treat to be accepted by a new audience and a new working professional community.  The French are
real film lovers, they really support their own films, in huge numbers by going to the cinema, it’s still a massive event and one they love.


And when you come back to England, is there anything you always set out to do other than seeing friends and family?

The pub is the simplest thing. A warm pint of beer, some Colman’s mustard somewhere on the table. Maybe some pickle. That’s all I need.


If I could bring a bit of the UK to France with me it would have to be the trains!


What’s next for you after filming Marcella?

Currently I’m focusing on Marcella and there is a potential film in 2018 but I can’t really say anymore.  I might go to Los Angeles as I haven’t been there for a while which is unheard of for me – I’ll definitely put my hat in the ring for a pilot or two.



Source: ITV.com, February 7, 2018